ALL meanings of chocking

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  • noun chocking Present participle of chock. 1
  • noun chocking a wedge or block of wood, metal, or the like, for filling in a space, holding an object steady, etc. 1
  • noun chocking Nautical. any of various heavy metal fittings on a deck or wharf that serve as fairleads for cables or chains. a shaped support or cradle for a ship's boat, barrel, etc. a small wooden piece or timber for filling a gap, reinforcing an angle, etc., in a wooden vessel. 1
  • noun chocking Metalworking. a bearing supporting the end of a rolling mill. 1
  • noun chocking Mining. a roof support made of cribbing filled with stones. Compare cog3 (def 2). 1
  • verb with object chocking to furnish with or secure by a chock or chocks. 1
  • verb with object chocking Nautical. to place (a boat) upon chocks. 1
  • adverb chocking as close or tight as possible: chock against the edge. 1
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