ALL meanings of chlorous

C c
  • adjective chlorous of or containing chlorine in the trivalent state 3
  • adjective chlorous of or containing chlorous acid 3
  • adjective chlorous of or containing trivalent chlorine 3
  • adjective chlorous designating or of an unstable acid, HClO2, a strong oxidizing agent which exists only in solution and whose salts are known as chlorites 3
  • adjective chlorous containing trivalent chlorine. 1
  • adjective chlorous of or derived from chlorous acid. 1
  • noun chlorous (chemistry) Of a compound, containing chlorine with a lower oxidation number than equivalent chloric compounds; especially having an oxidation number of 3. 1
  • adjective chlorous (Obsolete (No longer in use)) Relating to, or resembling, the electronegative character of chlorine; hence, electronegative; opposed to basylous or zincous. 0
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