ALL meanings of chlorinate

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  • verb chlorinate to combine or treat (a substance) with chlorine 3
  • verb chlorinate to disinfect (water) with chlorine 3
  • verb transitive chlorinate to treat or combine (a substance) with chlorine; esp., to pass chlorine into (water or sewage) for purification 3
  • verb with object chlorinate Chemistry. to combine or treat with chlorine. to introduce chlorine atoms into an organic compound by an addition or substitution reaction. 1
  • verb with object chlorinate to disinfect (water) by means of chlorine. 1
  • verb with object chlorinate Metallurgy. to treat (a gold ore) with chlorine gas in order that the gold may be removed as a soluble chloride. 1
  • transitive verb chlorinate add chlorine to 1
  • noun chlorinate Impregnate or treat with chlorine. 1
  • verb chlorinate (Transitive Verb) (chemistry) To add chlorine to (something, especially water, to purify it; or an auriferous substance, to extract gold from it). 0
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