ALL meanings of chloramine

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  • noun chloramine an unstable colourless liquid with a pungent odour, made by the reaction of sodium hypochlorite and ammonia. Formula: NH2Cl 3
  • noun chloramine any compound produced by replacing hydrogen atoms in an azo or amine group with chlorine atoms 3
  • noun chloramine any of various compounds containing chlorine and nitrogen; esp., an unstable, colorless, pungent liquid, NH2Cl, used to make hydrazine 3
  • noun chloramine any of a class of compounds obtained by replacing a hydrogen atom of an =NH or −NH 2 group with chlorine. 1
  • noun chloramine An organic compound containing a chlorine atom bonded to nitrogen, especially any of a group of sulfonamide derivatives used as antiseptics and disinfectants. 1
  • noun chloramine an unstable, colorless liquid, NH 2 Cl, with a pungent odor, derived from ammonia. 1
  • noun chloramine (chemistry) any of a class of unstable compounds of nitrogen and chlorine R1R2NCl; also the parent compound NH2Cl, used to manufacture hydrazine, and as the antiseptic chloramine-T. 0
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