ALL meanings of chloral hydrate

chlo·ral hy·drate
C c
  • noun chloral hydrate a colourless crystalline soluble solid produced by the reaction of chloral with water and used as a sedative and hypnotic; 2,2,2-trichloro-1,1-ethanediol. Formula: CCl3CH(OH)2 3
  • noun chloral hydrate a colorless, crystalline compound, CCl3·CH(OH)2, used chiefly as a sedative 3
  • noun chloral hydrate Also called trichloroacetaldehyde, trichloroacetic acid aldehyde. a colorless, oily liquid, C 2 Cl 3 HO, having a pungent odor, usually derived by the chlorination of ethyl alcohol or of acetaldehyde and combining with water to form chloral hydrate. 1
  • noun chloral hydrate Also called chloral hydrate. Pharmacology. a white, crystalline solid, C 2 H 3 Cl 3 O 2 , formed by combining liquid chloral with water: used as a hypnotic. 1
  • noun chloral hydrate An organic compound with the chemical formula C2H3Cl3O2, used as a sedative and hypnotic drug and as a laboratory reagent and precursor. 0
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