ALL meanings of chirpy

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  • adjective chirpy If you describe a person or their behaviour as chirpy, you mean they are very cheerful and lively. 3
  • adjective chirpy cheerful; lively 3
  • adjective chirpy cheerful and lively; merry 3
  • abbreviation CHIRPY cheerful 1
  • noun chirpy Cheerful and lively. 1
  • adjective chirpy chirping or tending to chirp: chirpy birds. 1
  • adjective chirpy cheerful; lively; spirited. 1
  • noun chirpy An electronic device which uses a piezoelectric transducer to make chirping noise, often designed to be hidden and function as an annoyance. 0
  • noun chirpy Specifically, a version of the above designed to be thrown for placement. Similar to a throwie. 0
  • adjective chirpy In a good mood; happy and energetic. 0
  • adjective chirpy Making chirping noises. 0
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