ALL meanings of chippy

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  • countable noun chippy A chippy is the same as a chip shop. 3
  • noun chippy a fish-and-chip shop 3
  • noun chippy a potato crisp 3
  • adjective chippy resentful or oversensitive about being perceived as inferior 3
  • noun chippy a promiscuous woman 3
  • adjective chippy belligerent or touchy 3
  • noun chippy chipping sparrow 3
  • noun chippy a chipmunk 3
  • noun chippy a promiscuous young woman 3
  • noun chippy a prostitute 3
  • noun chippy chip shop 1
  • noun plural chippy Also, chippie. Slang. a promiscuous woman. a prostitute. 1
  • noun chippy promiscuous woman or prostitute 1
  • noun plural chippy chipping sparrow. 1
  • abbreviation CHIPPY carpenter 1
  • noun plural chippy a chipmunk. 1
  • adjective chippy irritable, overly sensitive 1
  • noun plural chippy a carpenter. 1
  • noun plural chippy a store selling fish and chips. 1
  • adjective chippy Ice Hockey. using or characterized by aggressive, rough play or commission of fouls: a chippy player; a chippy second period. 1
  • adjective chippy Canadian. irritable; ill-tempered. 1
  • noun chippy A promiscuous young woman, especially a prostitute. 1
  • noun chippy (Britain) A fish-and-chip shop. 0
  • noun chippy (Slang) (Britain, Australia, New Zealand) A carpenter. 0
  • noun chippy (Slang) (Australia) The youngest member of a team or group, normally someone whose voice has not yet deepened, talking like a chipmunk. 0
  • noun chippy (New Zealand) A potato chip. 0
  • noun chippy (Slang) (US) A prostitute or promiscuous woman. 0
  • noun chippy (Informal) (demoscene) A chiptune. 0
  • noun chippy (US) A chipping sparrow. 0
  • adjective chippy (Canada, Britain) Ill-tempered, disagreeable. 0
  • adjective chippy (Canada, sports) Involving violence or unfair play. 0
  • adjective chippy (of wood) Tending to form chips when cut, rather than larger, more usable pieces of wood. 0
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