ALL meanings of chipper

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  • adjective chipper Chipper means cheerful and lively. 3
  • adjective chipper cheerful; lively 3
  • adjective chipper smartly dressed 3
  • noun chipper a fish-and-chip shop 3
  • adjective chipper cheerful and sprightly; in good spirits 3
  • noun chipper a person or thing that chips; esp., a tool for chipping 3
  • adjective chipper marked by or being in sprightly good humor and health. 1
  • verb without object chipper to chirp or twitter. 1
  • verb without object chipper to chatter or babble. 1
  • noun chipper a person or thing that chips or cuts. 1
  • noun chipper a machine that grinds up logs, tree trunks, discarded Christmas trees, etc., into wood chips. 1
  • noun chipper Slang. a person who uses narcotic drugs only occasionally or in small doses. 1
  • abbreviation CHIPPER cheerful 1
  • noun chipper machine for grinding wood 1
  • noun chipper Cheerful and lively. 1
  • noun chipper (Slang) (Britain, Ireland) A fish and chip shop, or more generally a cheap fast food outlet, typically selling chips and other deep-fried foods. 0
  • noun chipper (Slang) A deep frier. 0
  • noun chipper (US) A machine that reduces organic matter to compost; depending on size, whole tree trunks are reduced to sawdust; a woodchipper. 0
  • noun chipper (US) (smoking) An occasional tobacco user, or more generally drug user. 0
  • noun chipper A machine that chips potatoes ready to be fried and made into chips. 0
  • noun chipper Someone who chips (e.g. wood). 0
  • noun chipper A sportsman who chips the ball. 0
  • verb chipper (Britain, dialect) To chirp or chirrup. 0
  • adjective chipper Exhibiting a lively optimism; in high spirits, cheerful. 0
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