ALL meanings of chinning

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  • noun chinning Present participle of chin. 1
  • noun chinning the lower extremity of the face, below the mouth. 1
  • noun chinning the prominence of the lower jaw. 1
  • noun chinning Informal. chin-up. 1
  • verb with object chinning Gymnastics. to bring one's chin up to (a horizontal bar, from which one is hanging by the hands), by bending the elbows. to raise (oneself) to this position. 1
  • verb with object chinning to raise or hold to the chin, as a violin. 1
  • verb with object chinning Archaic. to talk to; chatter with. 1
  • verb without object chinning Gymnastics. to chin oneself. 1
  • verb without object chinning Slang. to talk; chatter: We sat up all night chinning about our college days. 1
  • idioms chinning keep one's chin up, to maintain a cheerful disposition in spite of difficulties, disappointments, etc. Also, chin up. 1
  • idioms chinning take it on the chin, Informal. to suffer defeat; fail completely. to endure suffering or punishment. 1
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