ALL meanings of chinese's

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  • noun plural chinese's the standard language of China, based on the speech of Beijing; Mandarin. 1
  • noun plural chinese's a group of languages of the Sino-Tibetan family, including standard Chinese and most of the other languages of China. Abbreviation: Chin., Chin. 1
  • noun plural chinese's any of the Chinese languages, which vary among themselves to the point of mutual unintelligibility. 1
  • noun plural chinese's a native or descendant of a native of China. 1
  • adjective chinese's of or relating to China, its inhabitants, or one of their languages. 1
  • adjective chinese's noting or pertaining to the partly logographic, partly phonetic script used for the writing of Chinese, Japanese, and other languages, consisting of thousands of brushstroke characters written in vertical columns from right to left. 1
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