ALL meanings of aerogel

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  • noun aerogel a colloid that has a continuous solid phase containing dispersed gas 3
  • noun aerogel a substance formed by the suspension of small bubbles of gas in a liquid or solid: the reversal of an aerosol 3
  • adjective aerogel designating or of a small container in which gas under pressure is used to aerate and dispense foam through a valve 3
  • noun aerogel An aerogel is a jelly-like solid with a gas suspended in it. 3
  • noun aerogel A solid material of extremely low density, produced by removing the liquid component from a conventional gel. 1
  • noun aerogel a gel formed by the dispersion of air in a solidified matrix; a solid foam, as Styrofoam. 1
  • noun aerogel A porous, ultralight solid-state substance, similar to gel, in which the liquid component is replaced with gas. 0
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