ALL meanings of aerodynamics

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  • uncountable noun aerodynamics Aerodynamics is the study of the way in which objects move through the air. 4
  • noun plural aerodynamics the characteristics of the outer body of a vehicle, aircraft, etc., that affect the efficiency with which it moves through the air 4
  • noun aerodynamics the study of the dynamics of gases, esp of the forces acting on a body passing through air 2
  • noun aerodynamics the branch of aeromechanics that deals with the forces (resistance, pressure, etc.) exerted by air or other gases in motion 2
  • noun aerodynamics The study of the properties of moving air, and especially of the interaction between the air and solid bodies moving through it. 0
  • noun aerodynamics the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of air and other gases and with the effects of such motion on bodies in the medium. Compare aerostatics (def 1). 0
  • noun aerodynamics The science of the dynamics of bodies moving relative to gases, especially the interaction of moving objects with the atmosphere. 0
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