ALL meanings of aerobic

A a
  • adjective aerobic Aerobic activity exercises and strengthens your heart and lungs. 3
  • adjective aerobic (of an organism or process) depending on oxygen 3
  • adjective aerobic of or relating to aerobes 3
  • adjective aerobic designed for or relating to aerobics 3
  • adjective aerobic able to live, grow, or take place only where free oxygen is present 3
  • adjective aerobic of or produced by aerobes 3
  • adjective aerobic designating or involving exercise, such as running or swimming, that conditions the heart and lungs by increasing the efficiency of oxygen intake by the body 3
  • noun aerobic aerobic exercises 3
  • noun aerobic Relating to, involving, or requiring free oxygen. 1
  • adjective aerobic exercise: cardiovascular 1
  • adjective aerobic (of an organism or tissue) requiring the presence of air or free oxygen for life. 1
  • adjective aerobic pertaining to or caused by the presence of oxygen. 1
  • noun aerobic fitness exercises 1
  • adjective aerobic of or utilizing the principles of aerobics: aerobic exercises; aerobic dances. 1
  • adjective aerobic Living or occurring only in the presence of oxygen e.g. aerobic bacteria. 0
  • adjective aerobic Involving or improving oxygen consumption by the body e.g. aerobic exercise. 0
  • adjective aerobic Of or relating to aerobics. 0
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