ALL meanings of aerobatics

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  • noun plural aerobatics Aerobatics are skilful displays of flying, usually to entertain people watching from the ground. 3
  • noun aerobatics spectacular or dangerous manoeuvres, such as loops or rolls, performed in an aircraft or glider; stunt flying 3
  • noun plural aerobatics spectacular feats done with an airplane, as loops or rolls 3
  • noun aerobatics the art of performing such feats; stunt flying 3
  • noun aerobatics Feats of spectacular flying performed in one or more aircraft to entertain an audience on the ground. 1
  • noun aerobatics (used with a plural verb) stunts performed in flight by an airplane, glider, or the like. 1
  • noun aerobatics (used with a singular verb) the art or technique of performing such stunts. 1
  • noun aerobatics Spectacular stunts, performed in an airplane or glider. Examples include various types of rolls and loops. 0
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