ALL meanings of advertisement

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  • countable noun advertisement An advertisement is an announcement in a newspaper, on television, or on a poster about something such as a product, event, or job. 3
  • countable noun advertisement If you say that an example of something is an advertisement for that thing in general, you mean that it shows how good that thing is. 3
  • noun advertisement any public notice, as a printed display in a newspaper, short film on television, announcement on radio, etc, designed to sell goods, publicize an event, etc 3
  • noun advertisement the act of advertising 3
  • noun advertisement a public notice or announcement, usually paid for, as of things for sale, needs, etc. 3
  • noun advertisement A notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy. 1
  • noun advertisement commercial on TV, radio 1
  • noun advertisement advert in a publication 1
  • noun advertisement a paid announcement, as of goods for sale, in newspapers or magazines, on radio or television, etc. 1
  • noun advertisement letting sth be known 1
  • noun advertisement a public notice, especially in print. 1
  • noun advertisement advert, commercial for sth 1
  • noun advertisement the action of making generally known; a calling to the attention of the public: The news of this event will receive wide advertisement. 1
  • noun advertisement (marketing) A commercial solicitation designed to sell some commodity, service or similar. 0
  • noun advertisement A public notice. 0
  • noun advertisement A recommendation of a particular product, service or person. 0
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