ALL meanings of adventuress

A a
  • noun adventuress a woman who seeks adventure, esp one who seeks success or money through daring exploits 3
  • noun adventuress a woman who seeks money or power by unscrupulous means 3
  • noun adventuress a speculator 3
  • noun adventuress a woman adventurer, specif. one who seeks to become rich and socially accepted by exploiting her charms, by scheming, etc. 3
  • noun adventuress A woman who enjoys or seeks adventure. 1
  • noun adventuress a woman who schemes to win social position, wealth, etc., by unscrupulous or questionable means. 1
  • noun adventuress a woman who is an adventurer. 1
  • noun adventuress an adventurer who is a woman 1
  • noun adventuress woman seeking position and wealth by unscrupulous means 1
  • noun adventuress A female adventurer; a woman who seeks adventure. 0
  • noun adventuress A woman of doubtful reputation or suspected character who pursues personal advancement, especially by sexual means; a demirep. 0
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