ALL meanings of adsorption

A a
  • noun adsorption an adsorbing or being adsorbed; adhesion of the molecules of a gas, liquid, or dissolved substance to a surface 3
  • noun adsorption Adsorption is the attachment of a chemical or biochemical atom, molecule, ion, or particle to a surface. 3
  • noun adsorption Adsorption is the binding of molecules or particles to a surface. 3
  • noun adsorption The adhesion of a liquid or gas on the surface of a solid material, forming a thin film on the surface. Not to be confused with the process of absorption. 1
  • verb with object adsorption to gather (a gas, liquid, or dissolved substance) on a surface in a condensed layer: Charcoal will adsorb gases. 1
  • noun adsorption attraction of a substance to sth's surface 1
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