ALL meanings of adsorbent

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  • adjective adsorbent capable of adsorption 3
  • noun adsorbent a material, such as activated charcoal, on which adsorption can occur 3
  • adjective adsorbent that is capable of adsorbing 3
  • noun adsorbent a thing or substance that adsorbs 3
  • noun adsorbent An adsorbent is a solid substance used to collect solute molecules from a liquid or gas. 3
  • noun adsorbent A substance that adsorbs another. 1
  • verb with object adsorbent to gather (a gas, liquid, or dissolved substance) on a surface in a condensed layer: Charcoal will adsorb gases. 1
  • adjective adsorbent attracting a layer of vapour on surface 1
  • noun adsorbent The solid or liquid in the process of adsorption on which the adsorbate accumulates. 0
  • adjective adsorbent Tending to adsorb. 0
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