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  • abbreviation Technical meaning of ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line 3
  • noun adsl ADSL is a method of transmitting digital information at high speed over telephone lines. ADSL is an abbreviation for 'asynchronous digital subscriber line'. 3
  • abbreviation ADSL asynchronous digital subscriber line 3
  • noun Definition of adsl in Technology (communications, protocol)   (ADSL, or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Loop) A form of Digital Subscriber Line in which the bandwidth available for downstream connection is significantly larger then for upstream. Although designed to minimise the effect of crosstalk between the upstream and downstream channels this setup is well suited for web browsing and client-server applications as well as for some emerging applications such as video on demand. The data-rate of ADSL strongly depends on the length and quality of the line connecting the end-user to the telephone company. Typically the upstream data flow is between 16 and 640 kilobits per second while the downstream data flow is between 1.5 and 9 megabits per second. ADSL also provides a voice channel. ADSL can carry digital data, analog voice, and broadcast MPEG2 video in a variety of implementations to meet customer needs. See also Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation, Discrete MultiTone. 1
  • noun adsl high-speed internet connection 1
  • noun adsl Initialism of Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. 0
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