ALL meanings of adr

A a
  • abbreviation ADR adverse drug reaction 3
  • abbreviation ADR American Depositary Receipt 3
  • abbreviation Technical meaning of ADR Astra Digital Radio 3
  • noun Definition of adr in Technology (audio)   Digital Radio over satellite, compatible with analog television transmissions. Alternatively the normal TV subcarriers can be modulated by a MPEG-1 Layer-2 48 kHz 192 kbps signal. Quality is better than analog carriers and only needs half the bandwidth (analog stereo = 2 carrier, digital stereo = 1 carrier). Quality is limited and the data rate can't be increased. 1
  • noun adr Adverse drug reaction. 0
  • noun adr (Uncountable Noun) Alternative dispute resolution. 0
  • noun adr (Countable Noun) American depository receipt. 0
  • noun adr (Uncountable Noun) Additional dialogue replacement or "automatic dialogue replacement" (often expanded with other terms not used by the film industry -- including "automated dialogue replacement" and "audio dialogue replacement" -- and often used in a way not used in the film industry to refer to recordings that replace an actor's voice with that of another actor, usually in the form of a translation, which the film industry calls "revoicing"). 0
  • noun adr (Uncountable Noun) (veterinary medicine) Ain't doin' right. 0
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