ALL meanings of adoring

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  • adjective adoring An adoring person is someone who loves and admires another person very much. 3
  • noun adoring Love and respect (someone) deeply. 1
  • verb with object adoring to regard with the utmost esteem, love, and respect; honor. 1
  • verb with object adoring to pay divine honor to; worship: to adore God. 1
  • verb with object adoring to like or admire very much: I simply adore the way your hair is done! 1
  • verb without object adoring to worship. 1
  • adjective adoring who dote on, idolize sb 1
  • noun adoring adoration. 0
  • verb adoring present participle of adore. 0
  • adjective adoring Showing adoration or admiration. 0
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