ALL meanings of adolescent

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  • adjective adolescent Adolescent is used to describe young people who are no longer children but who have not yet become adults. It also refers to their behaviour. 3
  • adjective adolescent An adolescent is an adolescent boy or girl. 3
  • adjective adolescent of or relating to adolescence 3
  • adjective adolescent behaving in an immature way; puerile 3
  • noun adolescent an adolescent person 3
  • adjective adolescent developing from childhood to maturity; growing up 3
  • adjective adolescent of or characteristic of adolescence; youthful, exuberant, immature, unsettled, etc. 3
  • noun adolescent a boy or a girl from puberty to adulthood; teenage person 3
  • adjective adolescent growing to manhood or womanhood; youthful. 1
  • adjective adolescent having the characteristics of adolescence or of an adolescent. 1
  • noun adolescent an adolescent person. 1
  • noun adolescent (of a young person) in the process of developing from a child into an adult. 1
  • noun adolescent teenager 1
  • adjective adolescent relating to adolescence 1
  • adjective adolescent immature 1
  • noun adolescent A teenager; a juvenile after puberty. 0
  • adjective adolescent Characteristic of, or relating to, or undergoing adolescence; immature. 0
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