ALL meanings of admissible

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  • adjective admissible If evidence is admissible, it is allowed in a court of law. 3
  • adjective admissible able or deserving to be considered or allowed 3
  • adjective admissible deserving to be admitted or allowed to enter 3
  • adjective admissible (esp of evidence) capable of being or bound to be admitted in a court of law 3
  • adjective admissible that can be properly accepted or allowed 3
  • adjective admissible that ought to be admitted 3
  • noun admissible Acceptable or valid, especially as evidence in a court of law. 1
  • noun Definition of admissible in Technology (algorithm)   A description of a search algorithm that is guaranteed to find a minimal solution path before any other solution paths, if a solution exists. An example of an admissible search algorithm is A* search. 1
  • adjective admissible acceptable 1
  • adjective admissible that may be allowed or conceded; allowable: an admissible plan. 1
  • adjective admissible capable or worthy of being admitted: admissible evidence. 1
  • adjective admissible capable or deserving to be admitted, accepted or allowed; allowable, permissible, acceptable. 0
  • adjective admissible (artificial intelligence) Describing a heuristic that never overestimates the cost of reaching a goal. 0
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