ALL meanings of admin

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  • uncountable noun admin Admin is the activity or process of organizing an institution or organization. 3
  • noun admin administration; administrative work. 1
  • noun admin an administrative assistant: My admin will call you back with that information later today. 1
  • noun admin an administrator: government admins. 1
  • adjective admin of or relating to an administrator or to administrative functions: You can’t install computer programs without admin privileges. 1
  • noun admin administration: paperwork 1
  • noun admin administration, administrative 1
  • noun admin The administration of a business, organization, etc. 1
  • noun admin (Transitive Verb) (computing, informal) A systems administrator; one who maintains a computer system or network. 0
  • noun admin (Transitive Verb) (Internet, informal) A user of a discussion forum, web site, etc. with privileges allowing them to control or restrict the activity of other uses. 0
  • verb admin (Transitive Verb) (computing, informal) To serve as an administrator for or of. 0
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