ALL meanings of admeasure

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  • verb admeasure to measure out (land, etc) as a share; apportion 3
  • verb admeasure to determine the dimensions, capacity, weight, and other details of (a vessel), as for an official registration, documentation, or yacht handicap rating 3
  • verb transitive admeasure to measure out shares of; apportion 3
  • verb with object admeasure to measure off or out; apportion. 1
  • verb with object admeasure Nautical. to measure the dimensions and capacity of a vessel, as for official registration. 1
  • noun admeasure (transitive) To measure. 1
  • verb admeasure (Transitive Verb) To apportion. 0
  • verb admeasure (Transitive Verb) (law, obsolete) To survey and lay off a due portion to, as of dower in real estate or of pasture held in common. 0
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