ALL meanings of adjudication

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  • noun adjudication the act of adjudicating 3
  • noun adjudication a judge's decision 3
  • noun adjudication a decree in bankruptcy determining the status of the bankrupt 3
  • noun adjudication an act of adjudicating. 1
  • noun adjudication Law. the act of a court in making an order, judgment, or decree. a judicial decision or sentence. a court decree in bankruptcy. 1
  • noun adjudication court's decision, legal judgement 1
  • noun adjudication The action or process of adjudicating. 1
  • noun adjudication The act of adjudicating, of reaching a judgement. 0
  • noun adjudication A judgment or sentence. 0
  • noun adjudication (law) The decision upon the question of whether the debtor is a bankrupt. 0
  • noun adjudication (emergency response) The process of identifying the type of material or device that set off an alarm and assessing the potential threat with corresponding implications for the need to take further action. 0
  • noun adjudication (law, Scotland) A process by which land is attached as security or in satisfaction of a debt. 0
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