ALL meanings of adjoin

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  • verb adjoin If one room, place, or object adjoins another, they are next to each other. 3
  • verb adjoin to be next to (an area of land, etc) 3
  • verb adjoin to join; affix or attach 3
  • verb transitive adjoin to be next to; be contiguous to 3
  • verb transitive adjoin to unite or annex (to a person or thing) 3
  • intransitive verb adjoin to be next to each other; be in contact 3
  • transitive verb adjoin be connected or joined with 1
  • noun adjoin Be next to and joined with (a building, room, or piece of land). 1
  • verb with object adjoin to be close to or in contact with; abut on: His property adjoins the lake. 1
  • verb with object adjoin to attach or append; affix. 1
  • verb without object adjoin to be in connection or contact: the point where the estates adjoin. 1
  • verb adjoin (Transitive Verb) To be in contact or connection with. 0
  • verb adjoin (Transitive Verb) (mathematics, chiefly algebra and number theory) To extend an algebraic object (e.g. a field, a ring, etc.) by adding to it (an element not belonging to it) and all finite power series of (the element). 0
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