ALL meanings of adiabatic

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  • adjective adiabatic (of a thermodynamic process) taking place without loss or gain of heat 3
  • noun adiabatic a curve or surface on a graph representing the changes in two or more characteristics (such as pressure and volume) of a system undergoing an adiabatic process 3
  • adjective adiabatic of a process that occurs without loss or gain of heat 3
  • adjective adiabatic An adiabatic process is one in which no heat is taken in or given out. 3
  • adjective adiabatic occurring without gain or loss of heat (opposed to diabatic): an adiabatic process. 1
  • noun adiabatic Relating to or denoting a process or condition in which heat does not enter or leave the system concerned. 1
  • adjective adiabatic (physics, thermodynamics, of a process) That occurs without gain or loss of heat (and thus with no change in entropy, in the quasistatic approximation). 0
  • adjective adiabatic (physics, quantum mechanics, of a process) That involves the slow change of the Hamiltonian of a system from its initial value to a final value. 0
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