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  • uncountable noun adhesion Adhesion is the ability of one thing to stick firmly to another. 3
  • noun adhesion the quality or condition of sticking together or holding fast 3
  • noun adhesion ability to make firm contact without skidding or slipping 3
  • noun adhesion attachment or fidelity, as to a political party, cause, etc 3
  • noun adhesion an attraction or repulsion between the molecules of unlike substances in contact: distinguished from cohesion 3
  • noun adhesion abnormal union of structures or parts 3
  • noun adhesion the act of sticking (to something) or the state of being stuck together 3
  • noun adhesion devoted attachment; adherence 3
  • noun adhesion a thing that adheres 3
  • noun adhesion the joining together, by fibrous tissue, of bodily parts or tissues that are normally separate: it typically results from inflammation 3
  • noun adhesion a band of fibrous tissue abnormally joining bodily parts or tissues 3
  • noun adhesion the force that holds together the molecules of unlike substances whose surfaces are in contact 3
  • noun adhesion Adhesion is the ability of a vehicle's tire to stick firmly to the road. 3
  • noun adhesion Adhesion is the ability of two surfaces to stick firmly together using an adhesive. 3
  • noun adhesion the act or state of adhering; state of being adhered or united: the adhesion of parts united by growth. 1
  • noun adhesion steady or devoted attachment, support, etc.; adherence. 1
  • noun adhesion assent; concurrence. 1
  • noun adhesion Physics. the molecular force of attraction in the area of contact between unlike bodies that acts to hold them together. Compare cohesion (def 2). 1
  • noun adhesion Pathology. the abnormal union of adjacent tissues. the tissue involved. 1
  • noun adhesion Botany. the union of normally separate parts. 1
  • noun adhesion Railroads. the frictional resistance of rails to the tendency of driving wheels to slip. factor of adhesion. 1
  • noun adhesion substance: bond 1
  • noun adhesion person: support, devotion 1
  • noun adhesion The action or process of adhering to a surface or object. 1
  • noun adhesion The ability of a substance to stick to an unlike substance. 0
  • noun adhesion Persistent attachment or loyalty. 0
  • noun adhesion An agreement to adhere. 0
  • noun adhesion (medicine) An abnormal union of surface by the formation of new tissue resulting from an inflammatory process. 0
  • noun adhesion (Biochemistry) The binding of a cell to a surface or substrate. 0
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