ALL meanings of adenoids

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  • noun plural adenoids Adenoids are soft lumps of flesh at the back and top of a person's throat that sometimes become swollen and have to be removed. 3
  • noun plural adenoids a mass of lymphoid tissue at the back of the throat behind the uvula: when enlarged it often restricts nasal breathing, esp in young children 3
  • noun plural adenoids growths of lymphoid tissue in the upper part of the throat, behind the nose: they can swell up, esp. during childhood, obstruct breathing and speaking, and cause chronic ear infections 3
  • noun adenoids Usually, adenoids. an enlarged mass of lymphoid tissue in the upper pharynx, often obstructing breathing through the nasal passages. 1
  • adjective adenoids of or relating to the lymph glands. 1
  • adjective adenoids of or relating to the adenoids. 1
  • noun adenoids A mass of enlarged lymphatic tissue between the back of the nose and the throat, often hindering speaking and breathing in young children. 1
  • noun adenoids plural of adenoid. 0
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