ALL meanings of adenoidal

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  • adjective adenoidal having the nasal tones or impaired breathing of one with enlarged adenoids 3
  • abbreviation ADENOIDAL adenoid 3
  • adjective adenoidal having adenoids 3
  • adjective adenoidal having the characteristic difficult breathing or nasal tone that results from enlarged adenoids 3
  • noun adenoidal (anatomy) Pertaining to the adenoids. 1
  • adjective adenoidal of or relating to the adenoids; adenoid. 1
  • adjective adenoidal having the adenoids enlarged, especially to a degree that interferes with normal breathing. 1
  • adjective adenoidal being characteristically pinched and nasal in tone quality: a high-pitched, adenoidal voice. 1
  • adjective adenoidal (of a voice) Sounding as if the speaker had swollen adenoids. 0
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