ALL meanings of adder's-tongue

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  • noun adder's-tongue any of a genus (Ophioglossum, family Ophioglossaceae) of ferns with a narrow spike somewhat resembling a snake's tongue 3
  • noun adder's-tongue any of several terrestrial ferns of the genus Ophioglossum, esp O. vulgatum, that grow in the N hemisphere and have a spore-bearing body that sticks out like a spike from the leaf: family Ophioglossaceae 3
  • noun adder's-tongue dogtooth violet 3
  • noun adder's-tongue a fern of the genus Ophioglossum, having one or sometimes two sterile leaves and a fruiting spike. 1
  • noun adder's-tongue any of several American dogtooth violets. 1
  • noun adder's-tongue Any of a genus of ferns (Ophioglossum), whose spores are produced on a spike resembling a serpent's tongue. 0
  • noun adder's-tongue The yellow dogtooth violet. 0
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