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add on
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  • phrasal verb add on If one thing is added on to another, it is attached to the other thing, or is made a part of it. 3
  • phrasal verb add on If you add on an extra amount or item to a list or total, you include it. 3
  • countable noun add on An add-on is an extra piece of equipment, especially computer equipment, that can be added to a larger one which you already own in order to improve its performance or its usefulness. 3
  • noun add on a feature that can be added to a standard model or package to give increased benefits 3
  • noun add on something added to something else; specif., an option or accessory that can be purchased to enhance the performance, appearance, etc. of the thing to which it is added 3
  • transitivephrasal verb add on charge sth in addition 1
  • transitivephrasal verb add on append sth 1
  • noun add on optional extra feature 1
  • noun add on additional charge 1
  • adjective add on feature: optional, extra 1
  • noun add on Alternative form of add-on. 0
  • verb add on (Transitive Verb) To incorporate (something extra, often an amount of money) into something else (often a bill). 0
  • verb add on (Intransitive Verb) To put an expansion onto a building, usually a home. 0
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