ALL meanings of adaptive

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  • adjective adaptive Adaptive means having the ability or tendency to adapt to different situations. 3
  • adjective adaptive showing adaptation 3
  • adjective adaptive able to adapt 3
  • adjective adaptive Adaptive is used to describe systems that can change their parameters as the conditions change. 3
  • adjective adaptive serving or able to adapt; showing or contributing to adaptation: the adaptive coloring of a chameleon. 1
  • adjective adaptive can adapt 1
  • noun adaptive Characterized by or given to adaptation. 1
  • adjective adaptive Of, pertaining to, characterized by or showing adaptation; making or made fit or suitable. 0
  • adjective adaptive Capable of being adapted or of adapting; susceptible of or undergoing accordant change. 0
  • adjective adaptive (psychology) Of a trait: that helps an individual to function well in society. 0
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