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  • noun adams a mountain in SW Washington, in the Cascade Range. Height: 3751 m (12 307 ft) 3
  • noun adams Gerry, full name Gerrard Adams. born 1948, Northern Ireland politician; president of Sinn Féin from 1983: negotiated the Irish Republican Army ceasefires in 1994–96 and 1997; member of the parliament of the Irish Republic from 2011 3
  • noun adams Henry (Brooks). 1838–1918, US historian and writer. His works include Mont Saint Michel et Chartres (1913) and his autobiography The Education of Henry Adams (1918) 3
  • noun adams John. 1735–1826, second president of the US (1797–1801); US ambassador to Great Britain (1785–88); helped draft the Declaration of Independence (1776) 3
  • noun adams John Coolidge. born 1947, US composer; works include the operas Nixon in China (1987) and The Death of Klinghoffer (1991) 3
  • noun adams John Couch. 1819–92, British astronomer who deduced the existence and position of the planet Neptune 3
  • noun adams John Quincey. son of John Adams. 1767–1848, sixth president of the US (1825–29); secretary of state (1817–25) 3
  • noun adams Richard. 1920–2016, British author; his novels include Watership Down (1972), The Plague Dogs (1977), and Traveller (1988) 3
  • noun adams Samuel. 1722–1803, US revolutionary leader; one of the organizers of the Boston Tea Party; a signatory of the Declaration of Independence 3
  • noun adams ˈAnsel (ˈænsəl ) ; anˈsəl) 1902-84; U.S. photographer 3
  • noun adams Charles Francis1807-86; U.S. statesman: son of John Quincy 3
  • noun adams Henry (Brooks)1838-1918; U.S. historian & writer: son of Charles Francis 3
  • noun adams John1735-1826; 2d president of the U.S. (1797-1801) 3
  • noun adams ˈJohn Quincy (ˈkwɪnzi ) ; kwinˈzē) ; ˈkwɪnsi ) ; kwinˈsē) 1767-1848; 6th president of the U.S. (1825-29): son of John 3
  • noun adams Samuel1722-1803; Am. statesman & Revolutionary leader 3
  • noun adams Mountmountain of the Cascade Range, S Wash.: 12,307 ft (3,751 m) 3
  • noun adams Mountpeak of the White Mountains, N.H.: 5,798 ft (1,767 m) 3
  • noun adams the name of the first man: husband of Eve and progenitor of the human race. Gen. 2:7; 5:1–5. 1
  • noun adams Adolphe Charles [a-dawlf sharl] /aˈdɔlf ʃarl/ (Show IPA), 1803–56, French composer of comic opera and ballet music. 1
  • noun adams James, 1730–94, and his brother Robert, 1728–92, English architects and furniture designers. 1
  • noun adams Lambert Sigisbert [lahn-ber see-zheez-ber] /lɑ̃ˈbɛr si ʒizˈbɛr/ (Show IPA), 1700–59, and his brother Nicholas Sébastien [nee-kaw-lah sey-bahs-tyan] /ni kɔˈlɑ seɪ bɑsˈtyɛ̃/ (Show IPA) 1705–78, French sculptors. 1
  • noun adams a male given name. 1
  • adjective adams of or relating to the style of architecture, decoration, or furnishings associated with Robert and James Adam, characterized by free adaptation of ancient Roman forms and interiors treated with delicate ornament generally painted in light, vivid colors. 1
  • idioms adams not know from Adam, to be unacquainted with: He says hello to us every morning, but we don't know him from Adam. 1
  • idioms adams the old Adam, the natural tendency toward sin: He attributed his wild outburst to the old Adam in him. 1
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