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  • noun adam the first man, created by God: the progenitor of the human race (Genesis 2–3) 3
  • noun adam Adolphe. 1803–56, French composer, best known for his romantic ballet Giselle (1841) 3
  • noun adam Robert. 1728–92, Scottish architect and furniture designer. Assisted by his brother, James, 1730–94, he emulated the harmony of classical and Italian Renaissance architecture 3
  • adjective adam in the neoclassical style made popular by Robert Adam 3
  • adjective adam relating to a style of English furniture and architecture characterized by straight lines and ornamental motifs of garlands, medallions, etc. 3
  • noun adam a masculine name 3
  • noun adam the first man: Gen. 1-5 3
  • abbreviation Definition of ADAM in Technology A Data Management System 3
  • noun adam the name of the first man: husband of Eve and progenitor of the human race. Gen. 2:7; 5:1–5. 1
  • noun adam Adolphe Charles [a-dawlf sharl] /aˈdɔlf ʃarl/ (Show IPA), 1803–56, French composer of comic opera and ballet music. 1
  • noun adam James, 1730–94, and his brother Robert, 1728–92, English architects and furniture designers. 1
  • noun adam Lambert Sigisbert [lahn-ber see-zheez-ber] /lɑ̃ˈbɛr si ʒizˈbɛr/ (Show IPA), 1700–59, and his brother Nicholas Sébastien [nee-kaw-lah sey-bahs-tyan] /ni kɔˈlɑ seɪ bɑsˈtyɛ̃/ (Show IPA) 1705–78, French sculptors. 1
  • noun adam a male given name. 1
  • adjective adam of or relating to the style of architecture, decoration, or furnishings associated with Robert and James Adam, characterized by free adaptation of ancient Roman forms and interiors treated with delicate ornament generally painted in light, vivid colors. 1
  • idioms adam not know from Adam, to be unacquainted with: He says hello to us every morning, but we don't know him from Adam. 1
  • idioms adam the old Adam, the natural tendency toward sin: He attributed his wild outburst to the old Adam in him. 1
  • noun Technical meaning of adam (software, tool)   (ADAM) A suite of software tools intended to assist in the design and testing of military information processing systems. ADAM was developed by the MITRE Corporation in 1966. It consisted of 53 different programs which ran on an IBM 7030 (STRETCH). It was targetted at systems that had to cope with large volumes of data with complex relationships with rapid response and increasing requirements. ADAM was part of the Information Systems Tools and Software Techniques project. 1
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