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  • verb ad-lib If you ad-lib something in a play or a speech, you say something which has not been planned or written beforehand. 3
  • countable noun ad-lib An ad-lib is something which is said without having been planned or written beforehand. 3
  • countable noun ad-lib Ad lib is also an adverb. 3
  • verb ad-lib to improvise and deliver without preparation (a speech, musical performance, etc) 3
  • adjective ad-lib improvised; impromptu 3
  • adverb ad-lib without restraint; freely 3
  • noun ad-lib an improvised performance, often humorous 3
  • noun ad-lib ad libitum 3
  • noun ad-lib as needed 3
  • verb transitive ad-lib to improvise (words, gestures, etc. not in a prepared speech, script, etc.); extemporize 3
  • noun ad-lib the act of ad-libbing or an ad-libbed remark 3
  • adjective ad-lib spoken or done extemporaneously 3
  • adverb ad-lib extemporaneously 3
  • verb with object ad-lib to improvise all or part of (a speech, a piece of music, etc.): to ad-lib one's lines. 1
  • verb without object ad-lib to act, speak, etc., without preparation: Throughout the play he had to ad-lib constantly. 1
  • adjective ad-lib impromptu; extemporaneous: ad-lib remarks to hecklers. 1
  • noun ad-lib something improvised in speech, music, etc.: Was that joke part of your speech or an ad lib? 1
  • adverb ad-lib at one's pleasure; without restriction. 1
  • adverb ad-lib freely; as needed; without stint: Water can be given to the patients ad lib. 1
  • verb ad-lib To improvise all or part of a speech or other performance, especially in comedy. 0
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