ALL meanings of acute accent

a·cute ac·cent
A a
  • noun acute accent the diacritical mark (´), used in the writing system of some languages to indicate that the vowel over which it is placed has a special quality (as in French été) or that it receives the strongest stress in the word (as in Spanish hablé) 3
  • noun acute accent a mark (´) used to indicate 3
  • noun acute accent the quality or length of a vowel, as in French idée 3
  • noun acute accent primary stress, as in Spanish olé 3
  • noun acute accent any stress on a spoken sound or syllable, as in the scanning of verse 3
  • noun acute accent diacritical mark 1
  • noun acute accent (orthography): A diacritical mark ( ´ ) that can be placed above a number of letters in many languages of the Latin, Greek and Cyrillic writing systems. 0
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