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  • adjective acute You can use acute to indicate that an undesirable situation or feeling is very severe or intense. 3
  • adjective acute An acute illness is one that becomes severe very quickly but does not last very long. Compare chronic. 3
  • adjective acute If a person's or animal's sight, hearing, or sense of smell is acute, it is sensitive and powerful. 3
  • graded adjective acute If you say that someone is acute or has an acute mind, you mean that they are quick to notice things and are able to understand them clearly. 3
  • adjective acute An acute angle is less than 90°. Compare obtuse angle. 3
  • adjective acute An acute accent is a symbol that is placed over vowels in some languages in order to indicate how that vowel is pronounced or over one letter in a word to indicate where it is stressed. You refer to a letter with this accent as, for example, e acute. For example, there is an acute accent over the letter 'e' in the French word 'café'. 3
  • adjective acute penetrating in perception or insight 3
  • adjective acute sensitive to details; keen 3
  • adjective acute of extreme importance; crucial 3
  • adjective acute sharp or severe; intense 3
  • adjective acute having a sharp end or point 3
  • adjective acute (of an angle) less than 90° 3
  • adjective acute (of a triangle) having all its interior angles less than 90° 3
  • adjective acute arising suddenly and manifesting intense severity 3
  • adjective acute of relatively short duration 3
  • adjective acute (of a vowel or syllable in some languages with a pitch accent, such as ancient Greek) spoken or sung on a higher musical pitch relative to neighbouring syllables or vowels 3
  • adjective acute of or relating to an accent (´) placed over vowels, denoting that the vowel is pronounced with higher musical pitch (as in ancient Greek), with a certain special quality (as in French), etc 3
  • adjective acute (of a hospital, hospital bed, or ward) intended to accommodate short-term patients with acute illnesses 3
  • noun acute an acute accent 3
  • adjective acute having a sharp point 3
  • adjective acute keen or quick of mind; shrewd 3
  • adjective acute sensitive to impressions 3
  • adjective acute severe and sharp, as pain, jealousy, etc. 3
  • adjective acute severe but of short duration; not chronic 3
  • adjective acute very serious; critical; crucial 3
  • adjective acute shrill; high in pitch 3
  • adjective acute of less than 90 degrees 3
  • adjective acute intensive (sense 3) 3
  • adjective acute sharp or severe in effect; intense: acute sorrow; an acute pain. 1
  • adjective acute extremely great or serious; crucial; critical: an acute shortage of oil. 1
  • adjective acute (of disease) brief and severe (opposed to chronic). 1
  • adjective acute sharp or penetrating in intellect, insight, or perception: an acute observer. 1
  • adjective acute extremely sensitive even to slight details or impressions: acute eyesight. 1
  • adjective acute sharp at the end; ending in a point. 1
  • adjective acute Geometry. (of an angle) less than 90°. (of a triangle) containing only acute angles. 1
  • adjective acute consisting of, indicated by, or bearing the mark ´, placed over vowel symbols in some languages to show that the vowels or the syllables they are in are pronounced in a certain way, as in French that the quality of an e so marked is close; in Hungarian that the vowel is long; in Spanish that the marked syllable bears the word accent; in Ibo that it is pronounced with high tones; or in classical Greek, where the mark originated, that the syllable bears the word accent and is pronounced, according to the ancient grammarians, with raised pitch (opposed to grave): the acute accent; an acute e. 1
  • noun acute the acute accent. 1
  • noun acute (of a bad, difficult, or unwelcome situation or phenomenon) Present or experienced to a severe or intense degree. 1
  • adjective acute angle: up to 90 degrees 1
  • adjective acute sense: highly sensitive 1
  • adjective acute illness: short-term 1
  • adjective acute pain: sharp, severe 1
  • adjective acute keen, perceptive 1
  • adjective acute problem: severe 1
  • adjective acute letter: having an acute accent 1
  • noun acute (orthography) An acute accent. 0
  • noun acute A person who has the acute form of a disorder, such as schizophrenia. 0
  • verb acute (phonetics) To give an acute sound to. 0
  • adjective acute Urgent. 0
  • adjective acute Sensitive. 0
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