ALL meanings of actuality

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  • uncountable noun actuality Actuality is the state of really existing rather than being imagined. 3
  • countable noun actuality An actuality is a fact or condition that really exists. 3
  • noun actuality true existence; reality 3
  • noun actuality a fact or condition that is real 3
  • noun actuality the state of being actual; reality 3
  • noun actuality an actual thing or condition; fact 3
  • noun actuality Actual existence, typically as contrasted with what was intended, expected, or believed. 1
  • noun plural actuality actual existence; reality. 1
  • noun plural actuality an actual condition or circumstance; fact: Space travel is now an actuality. 1
  • noun actuality the state of existing; existence. 0
  • noun actuality the quality of being actual or factual; fact. 0
  • noun actuality (historical) a short early motion picture. 0
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