ALL meanings of actions

A a
  • noun actions The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. 1
  • noun actions an independent agency created in 1971 to administer domestic volunteer programs. 1
  • adjective actions characterized by brisk or dynamic action: an action car; an action melodrama. 1
  • idioms actions in action, performing or taking part in a characteristic act: The school baseball team is in action tonight. working; functioning: His rescuing the child was bravery in action. 1
  • idioms actions out of action, removed from action, as by sudden disability: The star halfback is out of action with a bad knee. 1
  • idioms actions piece of the action, Informal. a share of the proceeds or profits: Cut me in for a piece of the action. 1
  • idioms actions take action, to start doing something: As soon as we get his decision, we'll take action. to start a legal procedure. 1
  • noun actions plural of action. 0
  • verb actions third-person singular simple present indicative form of action. 0
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