ALL meanings of action painting

ac·tion paint·ing
A a
  • noun action painting a development of abstract expressionism evolved in the 1940s, characterized by broad vigorous brush strokes and accidental effects of thrown, smeared, dripped, or spattered paint 3
  • noun action painting a form of abstract expressionism in which such methods as the spattering or dripping of paint are used to create bold, fluid, apparently random compositions 3
  • noun action painting (sometimes initial capital letters). Also called tachism. a style of American abstract expressionist painting typified especially in the works of Jackson Pollack and Willem de Kooning in the 1940s, in which the furiously energetic and free application of the paint is seen as being expressive of the psychological and emotional state of the artist at the moment of creation. 1
  • noun action painting abstract expressionism. 1
  • noun action painting (art) A genre of modern art in which the paint is dribbled, splashed or poured onto the canvas to obtain a spontaneous and totally abstract image. 0
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