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A a
  • uncountable noun action Action is doing something for a particular purpose. 3
  • countable noun action An action is something that you do on a particular occasion. 3
  • countable noun action To bring a legal action against someone means to bring a case against them in a court of law. 3
  • uncountable noun action The action of a chemical is the way in which it works, or the effects that it has. 3
  • singular noun action The action is all the important and exciting things that are happening in a situation. 3
  • uncountable noun action The fighting which takes place in a war can be referred to as action. 3
  • adjective action An action movie is a film in which a lot of dangerous and exciting things happen. An action hero is the main character in one of these films. 3
  • verb action If you action something that needs to be done, you deal with it. 3
  • noun action the state or process of doing something or being active; operation 3
  • noun action something done, such as an act or deed 3
  • noun action movement or posture during some physical activity 3
  • noun action activity, force, or energy 3
  • noun action conduct or behaviour 3
  • noun action a legal proceeding brought by one party against another, seeking redress of a wrong or recovery of what is due; lawsuit 3
  • noun action the right to bring such a proceeding 3
  • noun action the operating mechanism, esp in a piano, gun, watch, etc 3
  • noun action (of a guitar) the distance between the strings and the fingerboard 3
  • noun action (of keyboard instruments) the sensitivity of the keys to touch 3
  • noun action the force applied to a body 3
  • noun action the way in which something operates or works 3
  • noun action a property of a system expressed as twice the mean kinetic energy of the system over a given time interval multiplied by the time interval 3
  • noun action the product of work or energy and time, usually expressed in joule seconds 3
  • noun action the events that form the plot of a story, film, play, or other composition 3
  • noun action a minor engagement 3
  • noun action fighting at sea or on land 3
  • noun action behaviour which is voluntary and explicable in terms of the agent's reasons, as contrasted with that which is coerced or determined causally 3
  • noun action the profits of an enterprise or transaction (esp in the phrase a piece of the action) 3
  • noun action the main activity, esp social activity 3
  • verb action to put into effect; take action concerning 3
  • exclamation action a command given by a film director to indicate that filming is to begin 3
  • noun action a federal agency established in 1971 to supervise all U.S. government programs and agencies for volunteers, as the Peace Corps, VISTA, etc. 3
  • noun action the doing of something; state of being in motion or of working 3
  • noun action an act or thing done 3
  • noun action behavior; habitual conduct 3
  • noun action habitual activity characterized by energy and boldness 3
  • noun action the effect produced by something 3
  • noun action the way of moving, working, etc., as of a machine, an organ of the body, etc. 3
  • noun action the moving parts or mechanism, as of a gun, piano, etc. 3
  • noun action the sequence of happenings in a story or play; plot 3
  • noun action any of such happenings 3
  • noun action such happenings when exciting 3
  • noun action a legal proceeding by which one seeks to have a wrong put right; lawsuit 3
  • noun action a military encounter 3
  • noun action military combat in general 3
  • noun action the appearance of animation in a painting, sculpture, etc. 3
  • noun action activity or excitement; specif., gambling activity 3
  • noun action The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. 2
  • noun action an independent agency created in 1971 to administer domestic volunteer programs. 2
  • adjective action characterized by brisk or dynamic action: an action car; an action melodrama. 1
  • idioms action in action, performing or taking part in a characteristic act: The school baseball team is in action tonight. working; functioning: His rescuing the child was bravery in action. 1
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