ALL meanings of actinomycete

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  • noun actinomycete any bacterium of the group Actinomycetes, usually filamentous in form 3
  • noun actinomycete any of various bacteria (order Actinomycetales) with a branching, filamentous structure; esp., any of a family (Actinomycetaceae) of Gram-positive bacteria that are pathogenic to humans and animals 3
  • noun actinomycete any of several rod-shaped or filamentous, aerobic or anaerobic bacteria of the phylum Chlamydobacteriae, or in some classification schemes, the order Actinomycetales, certain species of which are pathogenic for humans and animals. 1
  • noun actinomycete A bacterium of an order of typically nonmotile filamentous form . They include the economically important streptomycetes, and were formerly regarded as fungi. 1
  • noun actinomycete Any of various filamentous or rod-shaped bacteria, of the order Actinomycetales, that resemble fungi. Some actinomycetes are pathogens and some are sources of antibiotics. 0
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