ALL meanings of actinide

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  • noun actinide a member of the actinide series 3
  • noun actinide any of the elements in the series (actinide series) of radioactive, metallic chemical elements from element 89 (actinium) through element 103 (lawrencium): actinides resemble lanthanides in electronic structure 3
  • noun actinide Any of the series of fifteen metallic elements from actinium (atomic number 89) to lawrencium (atomic number 103) in the periodic table. They are all radioactive, the heavier members being extremely unstable and not of natural occurrence. 1
  • noun actinide any element of the actinide series. 1
  • noun actinide (inorganic chemistry) Any of the 14 radioactive elements of the periodic table that are positioned under the lanthanides to which they have similar chemistry. 0
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