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  • variable noun acquisition If a company or business person makes an acquisition, they buy another company or part of a company. 3
  • countable noun acquisition If you make an acquisition, you buy or obtain something, often to add to things that you already have. 3
  • countable noun acquisition You can use acquisition to refer to an object that you buy or obtain, often to add to things that you already have. 3
  • uncountable noun acquisition The acquisition of a skill or a particular type of knowledge is the process of learning it or developing it. 3
  • noun acquisition the act of acquiring or gaining possession 3
  • noun acquisition something acquired 3
  • noun acquisition a person or thing of special merit added to a group 3
  • noun acquisition the process of locating a spacecraft, satellite, etc, esp by radar, in order to gather tracking and telemetric information 3
  • noun acquisition an acquiring or being acquired 3
  • noun acquisition something or someone acquired or added 3
  • noun acquisition An acquisition is the act of buying another company or part of a company. 3
  • noun acquisition sth obtained 1
  • noun acquisition purchase of a business 1
  • noun acquisition act of obtaining sth 1
  • noun acquisition process of learning sth 1
  • noun acquisition the act of acquiring or gaining possession: the acquisition of real estate. 1
  • noun acquisition something acquired; addition: public excitement about the museum's recent acquisitions. 1
  • noun acquisition the purchase of one business enterprise by another: the acquisition of a rival corporation; mergers and acquisitions. 1
  • noun acquisition Linguistics. the act or process of achieving mastery of a language or a linguistic rule or element: child language acquisition; second language acquisition. 1
  • noun acquisition An asset or object bought or obtained, typically by a library or museum. 1
  • noun acquisition The act or process of acquiring. 0
  • noun acquisition The thing acquired or gained; a gain. 0
  • noun acquisition (computing) The process of sampling signals that measure real world physical conditions and converting these signals into digital numeric values that can be manipulated by a computer. 0
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