ALL meanings of acquired taste

ac·quire taste
A a
  • phrase acquired taste If you describe something as an acquired taste, you mean that a lot of people do not like it when they first experience it, but often start to like it more when they get to know it better. 3
  • noun acquired taste a liking for something that is at first considered unpleasant 3
  • noun acquired taste the thing so liked 3
  • noun acquired taste appreciation for sth that develops over time 1
  • noun acquired taste something that is unfamiliar or objectionable but becomes gradually more liked or accepted: His modern paintings are an acquired taste. 1
  • noun acquired taste A taste which is not natural or innate, but which has developed through habit or learning. 0
  • noun acquired taste (Idiomatic) Something that is appreciated only after having initially been regarded as unappealing or unpleasant; a person who is regarded as difficult or dislikable but of whom at least some have grown to approve. 0
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