ALL meanings of acquiesce

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  • verb acquiesce If you acquiesce in something, you agree to do what someone wants or to accept what they do. 3
  • verb acquiesce to comply (with); assent (to) without protest 3
  • intransitive verb acquiesce to agree or consent quietly without protest, but without enthusiasm 3
  • intransitive verb acquiesce agree, consent 1
  • intransitive verb acquiesce consent: to a request 1
  • intransitive verb acquiesce submit to: an event 1
  • verb without object acquiesce to assent tacitly; submit or comply silently or without protest; agree; consent: to acquiesce halfheartedly in a business plan. 1
  • noun acquiesce Accept something reluctantly but without protest. 1
  • verb acquiesce (Intransitive Verb) To rest satisfied, or apparently satisfied, or to rest without opposition and discontent (usually implying previous opposition or discontent); to accept or consent by silence or by omitting to object; — followed by "in", sometimes also by "with" and "to". 0
  • verb acquiesce (Intransitive Verb) To concur upon conviction; as, to acquiesce in an opinion; to assent to; usually, to concur, not heartily but so far as to forbear opposition. 0
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