ALL meanings of acolyte

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  • countable noun acolyte An acolyte is a follower or assistant of an important person. 3
  • countable noun acolyte An acolyte is someone who assists a priest in performing certain religious services. 3
  • noun acolyte a follower or attendant 3
  • noun acolyte an officer who attends or assists a priest 3
  • noun acolyte in some Christian churches 3
  • noun acolyte one of the four minor orders, the special function of which is to serve at the Eucharist 3
  • noun acolyte any person ordained to this order 3
  • noun acolyte any person who serves at the Eucharist 3
  • noun acolyte server; , altar boy 3
  • noun acolyte an attendant; follower; helper 3
  • noun acolyte follower, student 1
  • noun acolyte an altar attendant in public worship. 1
  • noun acolyte Roman Catholic Church. a member of the highest-ranking of the four minor orders. the order itself. Compare exorcist (def 2), lector (def 2), ostiary (def 1). 1
  • noun acolyte any attendant, assistant, or follower. 1
  • noun acolyte A person assisting the celebrant in a religious service or procession. 1
  • noun acolyte (ecclesiastical) One who has received the highest of the four minor orders in the Catholic Church, being ordained to carry the wine, water and lights at Mass. 0
  • noun acolyte An attendant, assistant or follower. 0
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