ALL meanings of acoelomate

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  • noun acoelomate any animal without a body cavity, such as a flatworm 3
  • adjective acoelomate relating to an animal without a body cavity 3
  • noun acoelomate (zoology) Any animal without a coelom. 1
  • adjective acoelomate Also, acoelomatous [ey-see-lom-uh-tuh s, -loh-muh-] /ˌeɪ siˈlɒm ə təs, -ˈloʊ mə-/ (Show IPA), acoelomous. having no coelum. 1
  • noun acoelomate any organism that lacks a cavity between the body wall and the digestive tract, including the flatworms, nemertines, and sea anemones. 1
  • adjective acoelomate (zoology) Having no coelom. 0
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